Garage & Estate Sales

Have you ever wanted to dispose of your excess stuff, but didn't know where to start?  I can help you have a garage/yard sale without the stress of managing all the details.  All you have to do is gather up all the items you want to sell and contact me to assess the best way to proceed.  If you have enough stuff for your own sale, I will do all this and possibly more:

  • Arrange and display your items
  • Price your items at a fair garage sale price
  • minor cleaning and upkeep to make items more appealing
  • provide tables and shelves for display
  • write and post ads for local newspaper, craigslist and facebook
  • Make and place signs throughout your neighborhood
  • Manage the sale (cashier, price negotiations, keep things looking nice)
  • Tidy up and prepare items for disposal after the sale

I charge a commission of 30%-50% of the proceeds of the sale, depending on the type of items and the amount of preparation time needed. Generally, my clients have made two to three times as much at sales with my services than without.  Plus, I do the majority of the work!

If you don't have enough for your own sale, I may be able to provide other formats for selling your items.  I can also manage partial or entire estate sales, which can be larger and longer sales to allow a better chance for disposing of more items.  

To get the ball rolling, contact me through email, Facebook or Etsy.