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  • New Booth at Cordelia Junction Antique Mall

    Since I got to California three months ago, a lot has happened to keep me occupied.  But the whole time something was missing.... that something was having my own physical space to sell my vintage items.  But that void has now been filled!  Yesterday I set up my new (tiny) booth in the Cordelia Junction Antique Mall in Fairfield, CA.

    Here's what it looked like before I set it up:

     Cordelia's is a great shopping place for vintage collectors,  made up of small and large booths plus real railroad cars used as vending space, and a large area that is all furniture.  If you are in the Bay Area, it is worth a trip.  Just head east from Oakland/Berkeley on I-80 and look for the train cars near the Suisun Valley exit.   The prices are reasonable and the merchandise is plentiful!  

    Here's what the booth looks like now!

    Looking forward to making improvements and changes--will keep you posted.